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Those Nasty 11′s: Getting Out of Your Grooves

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Those Nasty 11′s: Getting Out of Your Grooves

Guest: Dr. Deborah Sherman; Host: Christopher Springmann
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Christopher Springmann: A person’s eyes make an immediate first impression and it’s not always an accurate one. We might look tired when we’re actually well rested, or angry when we’re not. It’s all about Life, Love and Health. And nothing sends a message faster than those nasty squint lines between the eyes. They’re called 11s.

Dr. Deborah Sherman: The eleven is the two vertical lines between the eyebrows and they’re caused by the dominant frown muscles of the face. The muscles that pull the brow down form a squeeze factor when we frown or concentrate or even listen intently. Those two vertical lines have the most impact about the message your face sends. And so, most people say, “Why do I look tired or stressed?” And often it’s the 11.

CS: That’s Dr. Deborah Sherman, a Nashville-based ophthalmic plastic surgeon who uses a purified protein called Botox to treat 11s. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 4 million Botox procedures were done last year, up 420% since 2000.

DS: We put the dominant frown muscles in a temporary timeout, then the face can go from stressed, angry, fatigued to rested, confident and relaxed. It’s about softening those lines. Instead of a good hair day, we want to good face day.

CS: To learn more about getting out of your grooves, visit www.loseyour11.com. I’m Christopher Springmann and it’s all about Life, Love and Health.

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