Secondhand Smoke: Impairing Children’s Cough Reflex?

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Life Love & Health : Special Edition

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Life Love & Health Special Edition is a one-hour weekly interview-based program hosted by Christopher Springmann. It is broadcast on, the internet’s leading health talk network,, and American Forces Network (English Language Audience) internationally. It reaches an aggregated broadcast audinece of 1.5 million domestically plus two million internationally, and remains available online as archived, searchable, streaming and downloadable content.

Clients and sponsors choose their own topics and speakers. The program is divided into four 11-minute segments, creating 44 minutes of programming time. Each segment is self-contained with an individual introduction, closing, and client or sponsor recognition and tags. Special Edition program segments are often the basis for the daily 90-second Life Love & Health broadcast shows: the longer format allows for broader, more in-depth discussion of any topic or event. Segments are also available for posting as podcasts on client/sponsor websites.

Special Edition broadcasts address client and sponsor needs in the arenas of :

Body Language & Life Love and Health: Special Edition Archives

The Passionate Patient

Traumatic Brain Injury