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Letting It Out: A Couch, Tears & Kleenex

Guest: Dr. David Bersoff; Host: Christopher Springmann
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Christopher Springmann:    You’ve seen the TV ad.  People sitting on a blue couch in the middle of Times Square clutching a box of Kleenex letting it out.  It’s all about Life, Love and Health.

Dr. David Bersoff:    People try to be coy but you give them just a little bit of encouragement and they’ll tell you some incredible stories.  It’s just amazing how compelling a couch can be.

CS:    Trust Dr. David Bersoff of Yankelovich who researched the Let It Out study for Kleenex.

DB:    While over 80% of people said that letting it out is healthy both physically and mentally, only 15% say that they actually let out their emotions often.

CS:    So is it a control issue?

DB:    Oh, absolutely.  Our respondents said that after they let it out they felt better.  I think Americans have this belief that you can suppress your negative emotions only.  If you’re suppressing your anger and your sadness then you’re probably also suppressing your joy and happiness and pleasure.  Emotionality is a major part of who we are as people and if you’re in some way alienated from your emotions then you’re uncomfortable with a very large and fundamental aspect of yourself.  I think Americans are just so thirsty for the opportunity that they become oblivious to the surroundings and really just focus on this good listener giving them the opportunity to talk about things that are meaningful to them.


CS:    Learn more at  I’m Christopher Springmann and it’s all about Life, Love and Health.