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San Francisco CA – Healthcare correspondent Christopher Springmann has teamed up with Cochlear to update an existing video testimonial featuring Dacy Zacharias and her two daughters, Callie and Lexie, both of whom received Cochlear implants as children.

“The outstanding original Zacharias video was extremely well received on the Cochlear and YouTube sites, ” said Springmann, “But I still wondered, ‘How has the Cochlear technology changed everyone’s lives since then? What’s new, better, different . . . today?’” Springmann chose to do an updated interview on-line, first sending Dacy a Logitech c920 webcam to ensure excellent audio and video quality, then connected via Polycom from his San Francisco studio. Springmann’s video also included a scene-setting clip from the original program, setting the stage for Zacharias’ current story.

“We’ve achieved a broadcast-quality look in a news-and-information format, combined with rich post-production values,” said Springmann. “The Zacharias family is wonderful, so authentic and genuine. I’d love to follow Callie and Lexie as they grow up, to share more about their enhanced quality of life experiences with the Cochlear implant.” The video will appear initially on and

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OSHU Nicholas Robbins

Dreams do come true, yes, but the road to a better future for you and your family  is often rough, with enough twists-and-emotional turns to give you some serious doubts.

Nicholas Robbins, a second-year medical student at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), tells his inspiring story to host Christopher Springmann, about losing his job in automobile sales and facing an uncertain future. Nicholas’ wife, Ebony, encouraged her husband to follow his dreams of becoming a doctor, despite the fact he didn’t have a college degree and the tough choices that they (two children, too) would be compelled to make.

AARP Re-Branding Interview

Christopher Springmann interviews Jerry Cohen, Oregon State Director of AARP about that organization's re-branding for Life re-Imagined. Watch the video!

AARP Interview

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